That Little Sucker



The mystery has ended.  I now know why Josie has one quarter that is very full.  I have a little sucker!!!!!  I caught her going in for the stash.  This is just evidence that Jersey milk is worth the risk of solitary confinement!

My girls are no closer than to give cow kisses with their very long tongues.  The first day there was a lot of bawling going on…mostly coming from Josie.  She sure is loud.  I figured that as long as they could actually see each other they were content.  But until the weaning ring comes, then I have to keep them apart.  We keep working out all the kinks in our routine and rig around here.  I’m in a pretty good rhythm but that will change once the calf is born.

A plastic weaning ring is on the way priority mail….how did they know!


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