Slip & Score

My latest love is pottery. This is my 3rd session at the counties Senior Center taking a Continuing Ed class through the Community College. I think it’s called, Form, Function….and something. Basically my first session taught me all about clay and the different ways to form clay into something functional without throwing on the wheel. In all honesty, I really really want to learn how to throw. I might take a non-credit class at the college just to learn.

Every Tuesday and some Thursdays you can find me at the Senior Center playing with mud…’s so fun! So many things to do and not enough time!

Right now I use mostly slabs of clay and form them into whatever it is I want either using a form or a pinch pot. On the shelf I currently have a Colander, Batter Bowl, Spoon Rest, Plate and Two Mugs that all need glazing. I just can’t decide whether to paint them first with an underglaze or to try layering glazes so they drip. I haven’t been very pleased with the glaze results so far. But this is what I’ve accomplished.





My very first pinch pots.


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