My Cows Love Me!

That’s all I could say yesterday; “my cows love me!!!!” They do! Really. If you could see their happy cow faces, you’d know I’m telling the truth. When I go out to check on them, they actually come running to meet me. Makes my heart happy.


It’s so amazing how gentle these giants are. I haven’t let down my guard. I’m still cautious of Josie (that’s my new nicname for Josephine….Miss Josie or Mama Josie). She’s a mighty big animal and since she’s only lived with other heifers, she’s still a bit playful. I make sure she knows I have my horse stick thingy tucked under my arm and she seems to respect that.

I go out in the pasture and brush Josie at least once a day. She hangs her head down and almost goes comatose! Oh, she loves all that lovin. I think I bumped the baby yesterday…..oh, I know that sounds really horrid. But relax, it’s not. It’s simply a way of getting the baby calf to kick back at you and usually can’t be done until the 7th month. Did you know that a baby calf is cross way in her Mama until it’s time to be born and then she gets into position? Trouble is Josie’s not too fond of me doing it, so I will leave her alone. But, I think I successfully BUMPED!

Yesterday and this morning I put them out on pasture at 6:30 AM, and when I brought them in at 8:30 PM last evening, they were so absolutely content and went straight away to bed! Josie didn’t do any of her rodeo bronco routines. Which I am grateful for. I think her reason for bucking and being so lively was that she really didn’t want to stop eating grass and didn’t want to be in the corral.

So, happy cows eat grass! It’s a fact now.

And happy cows love me!!!

And that’s a fact!!!



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