One Week with My Cowgirls!


It’s hard to believe that it’s only been one week since my girls arrived. I guess since we’ve been working sooooo very hard, it seems like forever. There’s something to be said about hard work….you sure sleep good!

Baby Joy (as I call her) has warmed up to me. She now approaches me with her chin raised so I will scratch her. It’s really too funny and only a cow face a mama could love. Her eyes usually rolling to the back of her head…kinda gross. Her cow lips pointed straight for me. Yesterday, as I was brushing Josephine….Joy was behind me licking the seat of my pants.



Joy is really good with a lead rope now. But not being pulled by the harness. I can understand that…in my good cow books, it’s following her head kinda thing. She firmly plants her feet if I try to pull her by the side with the harness.

Josephine however will lead by me pulling her harness or a rope. She’s very cooperative. They both allow me to put the rope harness on them without putting up much of a fuss.

Josephine at 7 months

Josephine at 7 months gestation

They’ve been on pasture for several days now and just love it. Mmmm lots and lots of grass. I like them on pasture also…it makes for less cow poo to clean up. But, the one problem with grass is looser poo. It’s a bit challenging to pick up. Honey gave me his concrete tool. I can’t think of the name, but I scoop the poo onto the manure shovel with the blade of that thing and it works really well. Our pristine, barnyard is now, not so pristine. It’s a true barnyard.

I’ve been watching Josephine’s udder trying to determine if she will calve earlier or later. Here are some really nice pics of her udder. I’m very impressed and I think that when and if I hand milk she will do just fine.

Josephine's Udder at 7 months

Josephine's Udder at 7 months gestation as a heifer.


Josephine's Udder 7 months

Josephine's Udder 7 months gestation as a heifer.

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