Happy Cows & Happy Gardens


I take back what I said yesterday about cows being easy. They sorta are, but scoopin cow poo is not fun in the least and breaking them in is very time consuming. I think I must of spent 2hrs with them this morning. I tied them up for a while and scooped poop and then I brushed them. Then I put a rope harness on Joy and took her for her first walk. She did amazingly great. She showed no interest in going near the electric fence.

Then I took Josephine out. Josephine is a teenager in cow yrs! She was being a stinker at first but I showed her who was boss cow…me…and she straightened up. We walked and ate grass. I walked…she ate grass. She showed more interest in the electric fence than Joy.

Honey put a short piece of electric fence in the corral to train them and they both got zapped at least once. I was working in the garden and I heard some kind of cow noise and realized that they’d been hit. Good. They must learn about that fence before we let them out. And I know they want out of the corral…the grass in greener on the other side of the fence!!


They have become very used to me now, this being our 4th day together. I can go out the door and they don’t jump right up. They have found the barn to be a good place to escape the from the sun and flies. Flies don’t like dark places. They got a new bale of hay this morning and were munching down on it.

I’m using the deep bedding method in the barn. They have at least 5″ of straw to lay on and to pee and poo on. The pee drains through into the sand and rock foundation that Honey built. I scoop the poo every morning and compost it. And basically the straw stays clean. I won’t have to remove the deep bedding but once a yr. They seem to like it!!! I like it.


I also worked for at least 4 hrs in the garden. I transplanted my herbs that I’d grown from seed and watered everything really well.


Look what we’re going to have soon. YUM!


I planted Okra, Eggplants and Peppers together. The Okra is suppose to provide some shade for the Eggplants during the really hot summer months. Last year I shaded them with a window screen. Hopefully this will work.

The store bought potatoes are doing better than the seed potatoes that I spent a lot of $$$ on….live and learn!



The peas are starting to form in the pods. I ought to have a ton of peas to shell soon!


My corn is up. I move the owl over to that bed hoping to ward off the crows. Last yr I had a terrible time with the crows stealing almost all of my corn once it came up…they also stole corn right out of the ground. I’m hoping that by removing the trellis they haven’t had a place to perch and they will leave us alone!!! XXX


I made some markers in pottery class…they didn’t turn out how I wanted, but I’m finding that it’s a trial and error thing, learning pottery, esp with glazes.


I bought this Bee Balm (Bergamont) last summer and it has done amazingly! It’s got a purple blossom, I can’t wait for it to bloom.


The Thyme is blooming.


And the Sage that I started from seed last year.


I also started this Echinacea from seed last year. I have both varieties.


My bare root grapes are doing really great.


And my bare root blueberries are growing….only one didn’t bud out…but now it has one bud on it. It’s going to make it.


And the bare root raspberries are doing great!


My 20 yr old blueberry bush is loaded.


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