Grass, Grass and More Grass

If I thought I had happy cows the other day, boy did I have happy cows last evening. Honey and I decided it was time to free our girls in the pasture or do I want to call it a meadow….mmmm…I like the sound of meadow.


Anyway, we really didn’t let them go totally free. Honey sunk a couple posts 3 feet in the ground so we could tie them out on 50′ lines until we could gain some peace with this whole cow thing. Since our girls have never been on electric, I just don’t think I’d have a minute of peace freeing them completely yet. In fact we are going to install a much stronger fence this weekend using cattle panels, not only for our own peace of mind, but to protect the little kids living next door. We really didn’t think about what a little boy would do when he saw a cow…..he’d run to get a closer look at the cow!

The tethers worked fairly well. But Joy is so attached to Josephine now and wants to be right beside her. Thus, they would get their lines twisted. I sat in the garden in my pink chair and watched them graze and after an hour or so, I couldn’t take it anymore and it was time to put the girls to bed.


Josephine became very spunky after I left the corral. She was acting like a rodeo cow! Bronco girl!! She tried pushing me around over the fence, but I smacked her on the nose to show her I was the boss cow. After that she didn’t want much to do with me. I was glad she came to me this morning sweet as ever.

I’ve learned that just like with kids, I can’t for a minute let these cows think they can push me around. I’m trying to maintain that 2′ bubble for my safety. I need to get back on KFC forum (remember it’s not about fried chicken…Keeping a Family Cow) and review that lesson.


They look so happy and content.

This is the good life.


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