A Cow Bath

There’s a first time for everything. I gave my first cow bath today! Since Josephine lived on the dairy farm and hob nobbed with the other heifers, she was pretty caked in cow poo. It took me at least an hour and I didn’t even get it off her legs yet. We’ll have to dedicate another day to bathing again. Of course I have no pictures of this event, because well, I was pretty wet too.

But in any case, I did have to share more pictures.




They pretty much cleaned up all the grass in the corral….man these girls do amazing work trimming. You should see the job they did around the fence!

I’ve been working with them each day. I tie them for at least an hour and brush them and touch them. Joy has come a long way in 3 days. She will allow me to walk up to her very slowly and stroke her. She’s still pretty flighty though.

I take them for short walks with a lead rope. Josephine does really well. Yesterday she was a stinker but I used my horse stick thingie and smacked her across the nose….she knows who’s boss!

I’ve learned so much from so many in 7 short months. First I owe a debt of gratitude to my cow mentor….Tammy Cupp. We met Tammy in October at the Cupp farm in VA. Tammy raises miniature Jersey cows. Then she hooked me up on the KFC forum…nah, it’s not about fried chicken, although that’s how I remember it. Keeping a Family Cow forum. It’s there that I read and ask questions. I just keep reading…if I can’t find it in any of the thousands of books I have, then I email Tammy! She is a pro!!!

Then of course there’s the Strites that I got our girls from. As I said, the finest people I’ve ever met. Really great!

I’m still in the pinch me stage. It’s funny. Cows aren’t much more trouble than chickens!!! They actually are a bit better, they put themselves to bed!!! I water them, feed them and scoop the poop. Other than that for now there isn’t much more to do…I know when the calf is born and Josephine freshens then of course I’ll have milking and lots and lots of milk to deal with. But for now, it’s pretty simple.


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