4H Cattle Show

Our farmers, The Strites, were at the 4H Cattle Show at The Howard County Fairgrounds today. Seems as if four legged creatures frequent that place quit often. Just two weeks ago, the MD Sheep & Wool Festival was being held there.

Every time I’m around these beautiful bovines, I’m in awe of their size. And I’m also a bit in awe that tomorrow, Lord willin and if the creek don’t rise, The Strites will be delivering our bovine girls!


Is that the Dairy Queen???

I’d like a hot fudge sundae with nuts please!


A Winner!

A Winner!

Cleanin up

Cleanin up


That’s not a dirty spot, it’s a tan spot on this beautiful Steer or was he a bull??? I guess I needed a back shot.


Here he is in the show ring. I love his “dirty” lookin knees. It amazes me how these young kids push these HUGE animals around and have total respect from the animal.


Now for my favorite bovine girls…the dairy girls!


Have you ever seen a cow this clean??? Her spots almost looked painted on.


The best side of bovine girls!


Lovely Jersey girls. Beautiful!


I’m not sure what attracts me to these animals, but they are a marvel.



Young heifers


Rosie with her white star on her side....really cool marking.

A Gentle Giant…Rosie belongs to The Strites. When loading her last night in the trailer, she fell between two large Holsteins. She must of bruised her utter, because one of her quarters was swollen and she wasn’t feeling well….her ears were cold and she wasn’t chewing her cud. She just stood there like she is and was absolutely loving. Cathy Strite was going to take her home and start treating her for mastitis. We’re praying for Rosie, she is due to calve in August and she’s one of Cathy’s prize Jerseys.

I walked around for quite awhile looking for Cathy Strite. See, I’ve only met and talked to Cathy in the winter when she and I were both bundled to the brim. Our heads were covered and only our little faces showing. I was standing right next to her and took a good look at just her face…sure enough it was Cathy. We had a good laugh, since we really didn’t know what each other looked like “undressed”.


There she is right behind Rosie.

Let me tell you, The Strites are some of the finest people I have EVER met.

Her husband, Mike pulled an old stanchion out of the barn for me to use milking.

And now we wait until tomorrow, when my Jersey girls are finally coming home.


Last but not least are the big trucks….


And the big trailers….I gotta get me one of these babies!


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