Psalm 23:1

The Lord is my Shepherd [to feed, to guide, and shield me]. I shall not lack.

I’ve got news…..The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is this weekend!!!  Hooray!  Honey and I have taken a vacation in the beginning of May for the last two years.  Not this year.  Even though we’ve been busier than bees, I just said, “no”.  I love going to the Sheep & Wool Festival which is the first weekend in May every year at the Howard County Fair Grounds.  You see, I only live 7 miles from the fair grounds…oh boy so much for disclosure.  If you’re coming drop me a comment and I’ll meet you somewhere at the festival…wouldn’t that be fun!

If you’ve never been, you’re in for a real treat.  It is suppose to be one of the best sheep & wool festivals in the country and it’s practically in my backyard!!!  The traffic coming in off of the interstate is horrible, but I go in the back way and avoid all of that.  The weather is suppose to be just awful to boot.  Rain on Saturday and I haven’t checked Sunday yet.

But this year, since the farmer bug bit me, I’m taking a class on Friday.  Shhhh.  Honey knows I’m taking a class, he just probably thinks it’s a knitting or spinning class….we don’t keep secrets, but I haven’t told him the name of the class.  He hasn’t asked either….it’s “Basic Shepherding”.  I’ll tell him when I get home…maybe cause I’ll have a sheep or two in the back of the van…just kidding.

You see, I’d love to have some sheep too.  I love to spin and wouldn’t it be great to have my own sheep.  Kinda like having our own chickens cause we love eggs and our own cows cause we love raw milk.

Ok, the truth…..I lay in bed some mornings and wonder what in the world I have done.  Here I am at 50, my kids are grown and gone.  My demanding doggie has died and it’s just me and Lady and Honey.  Honey gets up before the crack of dawn and doesn’t ever demand anything of me.  I can lay in bed for as long as I wish and now what have I gone and done.  Of course except for those mornings that Rocky Rooster makes me go wild with rage.

I want to be a farmer!  CRAZY!!!  I know.  But since I am crazy, why not add a couple sheep to the mix.  You know “welcome to my crazy life”.

My favorite wool to spin in Blue Faced Leicester.  It has a long draw and it’s soft.

But my farmer that we are buying our cows from has Jacob Sheep.  They are suppose to have lovely wool.  And they are one of those heritage animals.  I know it’s crazy.  But I won’t do anything right now.  But just in case I ought to know how to Shepherd if I ever do.

They are so cool.  They have a double horn.  And spots!  Wouldn’t that make a beautiful natural colored sweater????  Maybe a couple sweaters and hats and mittens and scarves oh and……. cheese.  I just bought some really yummy sheep’s milk feta cheese.  Ok, I won’t do anything rash.  At least not yet.  I guess I ought to get really good at milking a cow before I think of milking a sheep.  But, a woman can dream can’t she?  I can hear Honey now….”just so long as you’re just dreaming. Dream on.”

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