Memory Leakage

I just had to stick this pic in again.  It's my favorite.  My photography majoring son told me how perfect it is...lots of triangles.  Who would have and my point and shoot.

I just had to stick this pic in again. It's my favorite. My photography majoring son told me how perfect it is...lots of triangles. Who would have and my point and shoot.

I tried to remember everything to tell you about my healing…but even though my mind has healed from Lyme Diseases ravenous destruction….well, now I have menopausal memory leakage!!! One important thing to remember and never lose is your sense of humor! I mean it. I’ve grown funnier by the day. Sometimes I make Honey laugh so hard when we’re trying to go to sleep he nearly falls out of the bed. So, even though you feel like crying….well go ahead and have a good one, but then you have to find something to laugh at. It creates endorphines!!! So laugh on!!!

Fats. I only use EV olive oil, EV coconut oil, and sesame oil. And they are organic. I also use raw butter and are you ready for this one….LARD! I haven’t gotten into using duck and goose fats….but if I come by them I will try them. I have a bunch of tallow in the freezer from our side of beef and I need to render it. I could tell you all the benefits of lard, but I think that you ought to look it up yourself…..I mean, that’s the whole thing about healing is using your brain. If you don’t use it you lose it!

Rest. You need and must rest. People use to ask me if I worked and I told them my job was to get well. What good was I to my Honey if I wasn’t around? Now, that I am well and rested I am a whole lot of good to him. You should see what I can get done in a days time, when I’m not blogging!!!!! Which by the way, I am avoiding running the vacuum and dusting! I keep telling myself I will after I do one more thing….drink my tea, write this, eat my chocolate! I never found housework to ever get up and walk out cause it didn’t like the way things looked. I wish it would but it doesn’t!

Beauty. Surround yourself with beauty. Inner and outer!!! I always took a shower and put a little make-up on…no matter. I knew it would lift my spirits. Sometimes, I literally had to sit in the shower and rest just to get finished. And then I’d have to sit on the toilet to dry my hair. It seemed to take forever to get that chore done. But then when you look in the mirror you feel so much better. I also make sure the blinds and curtains are open so I can look at the beauty surrounding me. If I couldn’t go for a walk I’d sit outside and breath the fresh air. There were days when I wished I could have walked to the mailbox, but I couldn’t. But it didn’t stop me from sitting in the family room and looking at the mailbox. On my very worst days, God sent me a hummingbird to feed from my coral bells right outside the window that I’d become a prisoner behind. That’s another story completely that I must tell. It’s an amazing story of how God showed me His love and lifted me out of the miry clay pit.

Help. Don’t forget to ask for help.  It was an auto accident that brought that one home for me.  In 1993 I was hit almost head on and it changed our lives forever.  It was then that Honey began to really love me…don’t get me wrong here….he did love me, but when you almost lose someone, then it drives home the importance of it more.  I know you understand.  It’s how 9-11-2001 changed me.  After that day I just couldn’t ever not tell those I loved that I loved them….it could be the very last time.  I know you understand.  But…..the word help came full circle into our lives in 1993.  It was the last time I ever picked up my little 5 yr old son.  It was when I could no longer carry the laundry basket.  I had to ask for the kids to do more…. and they were only 5 and 9.  But they ran the vacuum for me and did their laundry and were real troopers.   “Help” became a real part of my vocabulary.  Before that, well, I had this image of what I was suppose to look like.  Some super mom thing.  Well, in the real world super mom’s don’t exist!!  Got that???  They don’t.  I’m way to old now to worry about that kind of stuff.  The other word you need to learn is….”NO!”  You can say it kindly, but “NO”.  No I can’t bake cookies for the class.  No I can’t volunteer for this or that.  No, no, no!  Go ahead and practice right now…NO, NO, NO!!!   Don’t feel guilty either.  Trust me, once your healing comes, there will be plenty of time to say “YES”!   My life is finally coming back to me.  And all the years of isolation are going away.  God is bringing people back into my life and it’s good.  But I still have to keep a balance.  Not too much.

I hope that helps….a little counseling session for free!  I hope you have a lovely day….I have to go run the vacuum and dust now….oh Yuck, but ya know, I am so very grateful for these times….I have been in the lowest pit and I am so very glad to be alive and run the vacuum!!!!!!!!!!!  See ya later.


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