RIP Waldean



Waldean hasn’t layed an egg since I came home from Germany, which was about 3 weeks ago! She’s been visiting the nesting box, but no eggs. I came to the conclusion that she wasn’t molting and was just not laying and I really don’t have room for a free loader. So this AM since she is slow to fly the coop, I grabbed her and put her in a cage.

She’s always been a bit wacky, not like a chicken at all. She didn’t even look like a chicken, funny shaped head and small comb.  Well, she didn’t like the cage one bit and was flitting in her little space.  I left her while I was trying to wake up.  I really wasn’t feeling very well and decided that Walean would live to see another day. So, I went to free her and………she had killed herself. I was a bit troubled and ran to tell Honey that she was dead. He figured that she broke her neck trying to flee the cage. She hadn’t been dead for very long and she was still soft and movable.  So I was then forced to process her. So much for feeling sick.

I put a pot of water on to heat and took her head off to bleed her out.   As I was processing her, Ben our Tender Warrior woke up and stuck his head out the deck door. I said, “say hello to Waldean.” I dipped her in the hot water and plucked her. Not a very hard job. Then I took out her inerds. I was very careful as not to puncture anything. This being my first chicken, I did a pretty good job….but there were all these funny things inside of her…..OMIGOSH an egg!!!!! A full size hard shelled egg! OMIGOSH I killed my chicken (ok, she really committed suicide) and she has a clogged duct……oh no she was a clogged chicken, not a duck!  Or is it called a clogged vent….now I’ll never know….was she going to lay an egg that morning or the next day or was she like constipated but with an egg.  I really felt sorry for her at that point.  Poor Waldean.

Honey says I’m a real farmer now. I’ve killed one of my animals for food and that makes it real. We haven’t eaten her yet…that will make it real.


We ate Waldean last night.  She was very tasty, although her joints were extremely tough and that girl had quite a breast bone.  I never was able to break her breast bone.  Thank you Waldean for the life you lived and gave for us.


Look at all the yolks! See the huge egg!?

Waldeans last egg.

Waldeans last egg.



Rocky Rooster crowed way too many times last night. We had our windows open and I was ready to kill him this AM. He has lived to see another day, but if he keeps it up….he will be a delicious Sunday dinner.


Rocky Rooster

He is looking really pretty though. But he is very noisy.


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