As I was mourning Boomer the other day, I had one of those aha moments. I remembered why I didn’t want another male dog….lots of dead bushes. Boomer managed to kill just about everything I tried to plant. That was the reason for not replacing quite a few Japanese Boxwoods and the reason for the little fence I had around my herb garden. A dog that lifts his leg is trouble. Although missing him can’t compare to the new bushes that will look pretty. Everything this first year will remind me of him and his loss will never be replaced even with new bushes.

It was nearly 90*F yesterday….way too hot for Maryland in April. I still managed to plant 4 Leyland Cypress, 8 Japanese Boxwoods and moved 1 Veronica and 1 Paprika Yarrow to my herb garden. I still have 2 Nandina’s to get in later this week.

Honey is hanging gates this weekend. I called our farmers and told them that we were ready for our Jersey girls! As soon as the vet comes out and gives them the ok, then they will be delivered. Wahoo! I guess we ought to get up the electric fence too. That would certainly help.



Honey’s weapon….a level!

The worst sound I heard when he was doing this….was….ah, man!

I had visions of him ripping the entire fence down! But to my joy, it’s still standing and he’s almost got the second gate up. If our cows pull down this fence they will go into the Guinness World Book of Records for being the strongest cows in the world!

I did a mowathon again on Friday. Our mower needs a new fuel pump so my really nice neighbor has been letting me use his…his blade isn’t as wide as our so it took me an extra hour….5 hrs! I hate cutting grass! We still have quite a bit of thistle in the field so I will have to keep it mowed and let the cows graze in the yard. After this summer the field should be under control.


Our apple tree is loaded with blossoms. We ought to have a bumper crop this year!


In the foreground, I planted my grapes. I used my neighbors old split rail fence as a trellis.


Lady and I are becoming pals. I gave her a haircut and a bath the other day and she is looking so cute.




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