My Funny Chickens


Since Abigail Adams was hen pecked a few months ago, she has been in solitary confinement. Not of her own doing, mind you, but for her safety….funny isn’t it. It was for her own good.

Rockie Rooster

Rockie Rooster

Well, it seems that Rockie the Rooster has had his eye on that little chicky! He’s been checking her out over the chicken fence. I’ve heard him give her a cat call once or twice. He’s been checking out her cute little chicken legs and her funny little crocked back.

So, when I decided to open her gate and let him in for a visit…..let’s just say, he was more than happy to oblige. He does a funny little sideways dance and then pounces. He thinks he’s so sly. The other hens run like crazy to escape his grasp and I guess since he’s also a handicap chicken he can’t out run the other girls, but Abigail Adams doesn’t mind him one little bit.

The experiment was on. Since Annie and Jenny have been flying over the coo coo’s nest to visit Abigail and not doing her a bit of harm, I decided to allow everyone in for a monitored playtime. After giving Henrietta the evil eye, she kept her distance.

Two flew over the Coo Coo's Nest!

Two flew over the Coo Coo's Nest!

What I did notice was that Rockie Rooster was more than happy to protect his favorite chick. When Henrietta tried to go after Abigail, Rockie would step inbetween them. Funny. But he’s been doing a great job. And from the kitchen window, there hasn’t been any fighting going on…and everyone seems to have all their feathers.

So, on our funny little farm, we now have 6 happy chickens. They have been playing very well together for about a week. Mostly the girls like to hang out in Abigail’s little coop and are quite envious of her straw bales! At night they all go back to their respective coops.

I also noticed for the last couple weeks since I’ve been outside a lot more, that Jenny Hen is a broody hen. At first I thought she just was taking a really long time to lay an egg…..a really long time….like 2 hrs!!! Come on girl!

But when I found her in Abigail Adams nesting box setting on Abigail’s egg, I realized that Jenny is just a setter. And since I know that Abigail’s eggs are fertile, well, I just might give Jenny a little nest of her own to set on.

(Ok, can someone tell me why we call it set in chicken talk, but sit in human talk?)


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