Lay Your Burdens Down


I’m still struggling greatly with some very personal things. My sleep is suffering and my moods are too. I took a big swig of Cod Liver Oil this morning for some brain food and I went to pottery class. Like Amanda Rose says, it’s easier to stay out of the pit than to try and get out of it. So, I continue to cast my cares upon Jesus, for He cares for me. It’s a constant thing. Laying it down. I know that all the worrying in the world won’t change a thing….so I am trying to stay in constant prayer….because really that’s the only place that my strength comes from.

I’ve been super busy with gardening and yard work. Over the weekend I lifted by shovel…literally…. 1.5 tons! Now if that’s not testimony to my healing, I don’t know what is. BUT, I am truly exhausted from all of that heavy work. Honey finished the corral which I’ll show you another time, and hopefully we’ll bring our Jersey girls home by the first of May. I only got two new beds filled with topsoil and can’t even think of finishing the other two…..that’s at least another ton of dirt!


Our little Ranger holds a half ton. And all the rain hasn’t helped.


The price of pea gravel went up $20 more a ton! Come on folks, it’s just rock!

In The Garden Primer, Barbara Damrosch talked about how her dad used tree branches for his peas to climb on. Since, my Tender Warrior, Ben did a caveman workout one day, cutting down a tree. I had plenty of branches to pick from. And since I planted a gazillion peas, I knew that a netting wouldn’t allow me to get in between….so I’m trying the branch method. We’ll see.


After what seemed like a flooding rain yesterday, I was able to shove the branches deeper into the soil….hopefully they will hold!

With all this rain and making an effort to keep my mind on things I enjoy, I started a new knitting project. I dyed the yarn this winter and I do love knitting cables. So here goes a try at this lovely cardigan from Shear Spirit.




I’m using the pattern Cassandra Cardigan on page 49. It’s an intermediate v-neck cardigan with cables & ladders stitches 6″ or so around the bottom. I bought my yarn from Knit Picks and then dyed it myself.


Once you get the hang of the pattern you can then relax. However, I guess I relaxed too early and had to fix a few ladders.


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