Yummy Easter Food

Eggs I bought in Prague.

Eggs I bought in Prague.

We’ve never had much of an Easter Day tradition, other than being in church with our brothers and sisters in the Lord and celebrating our Lords Resurrection. The kids always got baskets on the Saturday before Easter to keep Resurrection Day sacred. One year we went on a picnic and hiked along the Great Falls of the Potomac with friends. Others we’ve spent with family. And others we’ve just had a quiet time at home. Many times it depended on how my health was.

This year since my health has been tremendous I baked all day Saturday and fixed a really delicious dinner after the early service at Grace Community Church, where our Tender Warrior, Ben plays guitar for the worship band.


Since eating Stolen Bread in Germany, I’ve been craving bread with raisins. So I made Hot Cross Buns for the first time. I used honey instead of sugar, 1/2 WW flour and 1/2 White flour, and I glazed them with honey instead of a frosting cross. They turned out really great. Which is good and bad. Good because they taste yummy, bad because then I’ll eat them! I broke them down into three bags and will freeze two. The recipe was a common one and although time consuming, it was very easy. I really didn’t get much of a cross made….but that didn’t affect the taste!


I made Honey, Sweet Crescent Dinner Rolls since he can’t eat raisins, (they are a migraine food). I also made him an apple pie. The Crescent Rolls turned out GREAT! Although there was no redeeming value to them. Ben actually said they were just as good as Pillsbury….what a kid!!! He liked how soft and flakey they were. I think that this recipe would be really great turned into cinnamon twists, just by adding cinnamon sugar to the butter before rolling.

And since we can’t eat any cured foods because they too are migraine foods, we didn’t do any ham. I didn’t even try to find a fresh ham, instead I bought a turkey breast and 4 wings from our Amish farmer. He de-breasted and parted his leftover turkey’s from Thanksgiving and since we don’t eat much dark meat….it worked great. I roasted them together just as I would a turkey and it was absolutely delish! I also made Martha Stewarts Scalloped Potatoes using raw dairy, green beans and of course deviled eggs from our girls. Nothing fancy, but good delicious food. There was only one thing missing……Sweet Girl, Becca! Oh how we miss her.

We had a wonderful day. And we gave thanks for the rescue of Captain Phillips! What a joyous ending to our long and beautiful day together.

Martha Stewart Scalloped Potatoes

3 lb potatoes (I use yukon gold)

1 clove garlic

3 C milk

5 oz cheddar cheese

3 Tbsp Butter

salt & pepper

1 C heavy cream

Preheat oven to 325*F

Peel pot and cook them in the milk just until a knife can pierce. Strain and reserve 2 C milk. Add the 1 C cream to the reserved milk and stir. Rub 3 1/2 qt Casserole dish with garlic and butter. Place half the potatoes in the dish and cover with grated cheese, salt & pepper and dot with butter. Pour remaining potatoes in dish and cover with cheese, butter and salt & pepper. Pour the milk and cream over potatoes.

Bake for 90 min’s until milk is reduced and it begins to thicken.

It has been my experience that a great deal of the thickening occurs AFTER I take the dish out of the oven and it has time to cool off some. Yesterday mine was still considerably milky, but after we had started eating and used a slotted spoon…the milk then curdled upon cooling off.


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