The Dirty Dozen

My men love war movies. Honey is particularly fond of anything WWII. I don’t know how many times I’ve sat through The Dirty Dozen with Lee Marvin. So when my girls began to scale the chicken coop and begin visiting with Abigail Adams, I thought of the escape scene in The Dirty Dozen.


I’ve kept Abigail separated due to the fact that her sister Henrietta nearly hen pecked her to death. One day I noticed that Annie was in the small pen with Abigail. Then Jenny. I could see the others just jumping with excitement for their turn. It’s as if the phrase “bird brain” doesn’t fit here. These chickens are not dumb.

None of the others seem to have caught on how to get from the ground to the roof of the coop. I’ve watched carefully and neither Jenny nor Annie are mean to Abigail Adams. So I just let them enjoy what they think is a secret. Honey told me he watched them do this all weekend and I never had a clue. Now I know they just come and go at their leisure.

I managed to get some pictures from the deck. I began scolding them and they climbed back to their area. But I’m sure when I turn my back they’ll be in with Abigail again soon. Then as if nothing ever happened they will return to their area.


Funny chickens.


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