Prague Day 2


In the Towne Square there was an Easter Festival going on. So after hitting the Bohemian Bagel for breakfast, because Sweet Girl really wanted blueberry pancakes which she hasn’t had forever, we putzed around here.

It was mostly food. Lots of yummy goodness food.

I held out on breakfast so I could indulge in lunch.





I’m not sure….is the prayer so you don’t get fat!!!

After reading this now, I wish I’d had some!!! I love gingerbread, honey and almonds!


This weaver did a lovely job.



I didn’t go all out for lunch. The sausage was Keilbasa. It was really good with Sauerkraut on it. I really ditched my Weston A Price diet…I had to or starve. I actually lost almost 10 lbs on this trip. I love going over seas…I always drop weight and enjoy the food so much….go figure!

The drink was hot mulled wine. I’m not a wine drinker but the spices made this really nice.


It was really good.

I’m betting my Sis is wondering if Mom is hiding somewhere….she always snaps pics while we are stuffing our faces!!! This ones for you MOM! 😀






My favorite flower…Primroses!



I did buy a set of nesting dolls.


Look I found the fountain of youth….The Anti-Aging Clinic!

What does that really mean????

Whatever, I could use a little of it.



Look at the guy in the background….he looks like the old guard communist. He was talking to himself and carry a billy stick. Becca reprimanded me for taking his picture. But he looked like something out of the past.


We got to the Charles Bridge AGAIN and there was a 1/2 Marathon happening.

We had to use the potty so I got to use my first Water Closet! For a small fee.


Now you know what the sign looks like….that’s for restroom!




I loved how she walked with her hands behind her back. Very sweet.

Our young youthful girls thought that we needed to make it back over the Charles Bridge to have more pics at the Lenon wall. Terry and I were plum tired and couldn’t make it to the Castle. And we still had to walk back over the bridge and take a Metro to the Bus Station.

So of course we all needed some refreshment! Becca hadn’t eaten lunch and I needed some tea and dessert!


We stopped here at the John & George Cafe.



We all had hot tea. But they served it in glasses and it was a tad difficult to pick up and enjoy hot. I had the original with honey and lemon and I also had the carrot cake. It wasn’t sickening sweet. It only had cream cheese in the center and it tasted like it was made with whole wheat flour. It was good.



Becca had pasta with cream and mushrooms.


It was a cute joint…nothing fancy but no Beatles music, go figure.


Yea, those look like Christmas decorations on the door.

Across the street (if that’s what you call it, cars were far and few between) was this really cool looking door. So I went up to it and began peeking around.


I really wanted to knock. It kinda reminds me of The Wizard of Oz. I wonder who’s behind that door??????


Ok, I guess I won’t knock

The French Embassy!

Who would have thought.


Well, folks, that ends my tour of Prague.

I was never so glad than to get a very nice coach bus back to the Germany border. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the town. But then we hijacked a taxi to take us back to Herrnhut. No, we paid the guy.

Warning….everything in Prague costs a lot!

But it was so worth it. I’ll probably never have that chance again.

And it was so good to see my Sweet Girl Becca.



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