We took a taxi to the Czech border and were bound on a “Quick Bus” which was a mini bus, kinda like a big van, heading for Prague.  It took about 3 hrs total and we finally arrived at the Bus Station in Prague around noonish.  Our little tour guide, my Sweet Girl, took us through the streets of Prague looking for the Old Towne Prague Hostel.

Terry on the Quick Bus

Terry on the Quick Bus

Yep, you heard me right….a Hostel.  For some reason, which I’ve yet to figure out, Becca and her friend Melody whose mom, Terry and brother Justice (sp?) were also visiting, figured we HAD to stay in a Hostel.  I tried to convince them that I was 50 and I had lots of money!!!  It didn’t work.  So, at 50 I got to experience life in a Hostel.  Oh boy!


The only reassuring thing is that the Police Department was right across the street!

The Hostel was very clean and bright.



By morning there must have been 100 kids in that place.  Breakfast was included and consisted of Cornflakes.

We locked our belongings in our room and headed for the streets.

We were all pretty hungry especially me.  So far my meals consisted of almonds, tea, yogurt, chicken and lentil soup.  I was on day 5 and was ready to kill the first thing that I saw.  My Sweet Girl hasn’t been fed the greatest at YWAM, meals there are full  of carbs and hardly any protein or good fats.  So, I wanted to treat her to a really nice meal, besides the fact that I HAD to get some nutrition also.

One very startling thing about Czech is that you’d think everyone is part dragon.  They smoke like it’s a health benefit.  I’m not kidding.  We couldn’t find a single pub or cafe where I could breath.  So we opted for an open air cafe.  Even though it was really cold we snuggled up to those great outdoor heaters.



We were right in front of the Astronomical Clock.


We had the Baked Prawns with Pineapple Chutney.


Becca had the Roast Breast of Goose with homemade Potato Gnocchi and Sauerkraut.


And since I’ve been ready to kill a wild boar, I had the Rolled Leg of Boar with Rose Hip Sauce and Carlsbad Dumplings.


It was ALL delicious!  Costing us 1100 Crowns!  YIKES!  No worry, it was around $40!  Which wasn’t bad for such a really nice meal.

Now that our tummies were full we could see the sights.

The Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock

Everyone gathers in front of the clock on the hour.  I can’t believe I got a shot of what they are cheering for….see the skeleton on the upper right side?  That guy pops in and out and  bangs a gong for the hour and then everyone claps and cheers!  Go figure!

The Jerusalem Synagogue

The Jerusalem Synagogue

This was by far the most beautiful building I saw.  It was in the Jewish Quarter.



In Old Towne Prague I only remember cobblestone streets and sidewalks.  But in this picture I see paved streets.  The cobblestone was extremely taxing on the feet.  Especially since we walked for hours and hours and hours!


Every building was ornate.  Except for the ones built during the communist rule.  Those are square with nothing ornamental.


Prague is most definitely a Tourist Meca!



I know you can’t see the goodie yumness of this, but it’s Hot Chocolate which was more like thick hot pudding and for the chocoholic that I am I was nearly licking the cup with my tongue.





The Charles Bridge Tower

The Charles Bridge Tower

We climbed to the top of this thing only to find out that we had to pay to reach the top.  So we did.  I mean how many times am I going to be in Prague?!!!



The only evidence that I was there.

The only evidence that I was there.

It was freezing.  NO wonder we got sick.


This is the bridge that Tom Cruise is on in Mission Impossible.

The Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge


I’ve gotta run, more tomorrow!

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