Herrnhut Germany

Since arriving home from Germany my life has been a tad stressful. My Honey picked up the flu at work and was barely able to pick me up at the airport last Monday night. After that it was all down hill for him and he’s finally made it back to work today. Poor guy!

My plants grew like gangbusters while I was gone and needed repotting.

(That took 2 hrs today)

My fruit plants arrived on Thursday and had to go in the ground.

I have a million people I’m suppose to call last week! I hope they forgive me.

And I promised you pictures.

I have to build my new raised bed boxes and fill them.

We still need to finish the corral so we can bring our cows home. (Tammy aren’t you glad you’re not waiting on us!)

And some personal things are weighing very very heavily on our heart.

Stress has a way of paralyzing us. Please pray for us. I know that God is faithful and He will take care of this particular problem. In the mean time we need peace.


Ok, the truth be told. When I bought my airline tickets, I was arriving in the wrong airport. I knew it started with a “D”. But Dusseldorf it was not. So I ended up having to buy another ticket to get from Dussledorf to Dresden. The only problem was I had to sit in Dussledorf for 8 hrs!!! The only upside to all of this is that the Dusseldorf airport is beautiful. I bought a cup of tea and munched on some of my almonds. That served as breakfast and lunch. I found a sofa to lie down on and get a couple winks. My plane finally left at 3:30PM and I arrived in Dresden at 4:35PM. I was more than delighted that my bags made it all the way through!!! Nothing more sweet than that.

My Sweet Girl was standing outside the baggage claim and I waved to her. I was stopped by an official looking German woman who wanted to know what on earth I had in those heavy bags of mine….”cigarettes?” “NO” clothes! She let me pass.

After we hugged and kissed for what seemed to me an eternity we went to catch our many trains to Herrnhut. It took us about 3 hrs I think. There was a snow storm that slowed us down. The taxi had bald tires and everytime he touched the break we slid sideways. All I could think of were the headlines of our local paper.

“Maryland woman meets her death in a snowstorm in Germany.”

I’d made it this far and now I was holding my breath.

We made it to Herrnhut and there must have been no less than a dozen young people in Becca’s apartment. After 36 hrs I finally hit my head on a pillow in the Castle. That was the last time I would actually get sleep there.

The fact is a 50 yr old woman really can’t take too much of this kind of stuff! I think after a week home I’m finally recuperated!

I was blessed with perfect health. I was able to eat whatever I found….and that’s about how it was. My Sweet Girl didn’t think much about what I’d eat. I went on almonds and tea for 3 days. By the fourth day, I was ready to find one of those wild boars in the woods!

As I was walking the 1/2-1 mile trek to Becca’s apartment (all uphill…very uphill), I stumbled upon a farmers market in the town square. I looked around. MEAT! There was meat!!!! I went on to the apartment and told one of the other mom’s, Terry, that there was MEAT at the farmer’s market. We got there just in time to get the last rotisserie chicken! I also found some lentils and sausage! Then we stopped at Paul’s Bakery cause the aroma yanked us in! After picking up a couple rolls and some sweets we headed back to feast.

Mmmmm was it ever so good. But then again, when you’re starving just about anything is good…but this really was yummy!

Paul's Bakery

Paul's Bakery

Lentils and Sausage

Lentils and Sausage



That was one of the best rolls I’ve ever eaten…I think it was Caraway. ??? So good with sweet butter!

Stolen Bread

Stolen Bread

This was very yummy bread with fruit and nuts. I ate this for breakfast and snacked on it with some very good Earl Grey Tea.

I also found some of the very best Honey I have ever tasted. It was from the Black Forest. So good.

After Terry and her son and I ate lunch my Sweet Girl was finally finished with her meetings and work. We spent the rest of the day putzing around Herrnhut.

Cira 1728

Cira 1728

This building was huge. It was used by the Red Cross as a hospital during WWII.

The Monrovian Church

The Monrovian Church

Oooo too bad it’s not in focus.

I love that Mustard Gold color.

The Cemetery

The Cemetery

Then we did what everyone does, we walked up to the Cemetery. The view from the top was great. I could see Poland and Czech Republic.

lots of wind turbines

lots of wind turbines

The Tower

The Tower

The Tower was locked so we didn’t get to go to the top.


The Village of Herrnhut

I loved the way they lopped all the trees off.

A view of Poland

A view of Poland

View of Czech Republic

View of Czech Republic


I don’t know what that says. It was on a tomb.

That’s about it of Herrnhut. Not much happening there. We were too exhausted after our trek to Prague to see Dresden on Sunday.

Prague pics are tomorrow. As Sweet Girl told me it’s the 7th romantic city in the world. The only evidence of that were all the people randomly making out in public!

It is a very beautiful city.


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