The Love Dog

February 24, 1999 – March 17, 2009

The Love Dog


The Love Dog, my best friend.

The Love Dog, my best friend.

My best friend, companion, protector, my shadow died last nigh in his sleep.  He became totally crippled in his last day.  Honey carried this grand puppy outside last evening so he could enjoy some fresh air.   Even though he was in great pain, he enjoyed it completely; watching people take walks, watching the deer in the field and wanting so badly to jump up and run with Lady barking at nothing at all.

I knew when I kissed him good night that it would be the last time.  I just knew.  When I woke up at 3am I just knew.  I came down to find him…gone.

No more pain.  No more suffering.


Boomer was so big, because he had a heart bigger than he could house in this grand body of his. He loved everyone.

As he was growing up, I often called him Trouble. He was either digging up something I planted or chewing up something lying around. I had to plant when he wasn’t watching or else he’d dig it right up.


He always came out to greet us. Before we could even get out of the car, he was climbing in to say “hello”. He loved to go for rides and would always jump in if I ever opened the back of the van. When he became crippled with old age, I’d load him in the side door of the van and just drive up the hill from the basement to the back door. He thought it was great.

His favorite thing in all the world was eating! He ate mostly anything. Good and bad….Labs do that.

He was a Labrador Retriever who didn’t like to get his feet wet! The only thing he “fetched” was his stainless steel dish. If it had rained, he’d gradually pour the water out making sure he didn’t get his feet wet.

If you happened to come to our home, he would bring his bowl with great joy! Or any bowl. Whatever was close by he’d pick it up and bring it to you with great joy. That Otter tail waging with great force.


He loved getting new toys. I gave him a toy for his birthday a few weeks ago and he proudly walked around with it for days, playing keep away from Lady.


My garden companion.

My garden companion.

February 24, 2009 Boomer's 10th Birthday.

February 24, 2009 Boomer's 10th Birthday.

My new toy.

My new toy.

He didn’t like the flash this day.

Waiting again.  Always waiting.  Faithful in every way.

Waiting again. Always waiting. Faithful in every way.

Some day when I can figure out how to hook up the scanner, I’ll scan his baby pictures in. He was the cutest puppy. He was so smart and we swear he spoke human. I always talked to him in complete sentences and he always knew what I said.

Lady will be lost without him.  When we adopted Lady, Boomer took her right in.  She became the Alpha Dog.  He could have swatted her with one paw and sent her flying.  But he never ever hurt her.  When she was afraid, she’d climb into his grate and sleep with him.  He was her guard dog.  When she’d run barking at the UPS truck she’d look over her shoulder to see if he was coming.  And if he wasn’t she’d hide behind the house.  She will miss him.

My life has been touched and I will not be the same without my friend.

Good boy.  See ya later Bud.



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