A tragic fire has struck my neighborhood yet again.

We had extremely high winds today, and this fire destroyed my neighbors home in a matter of minutes.

Thank God, no one was home. BUT can you imagine coming home to see this.


A total loss. Then entire structure was destroyed. While these folks are at work to pay their mortgage and feed their family, their home burned uncontrollably.

None of the immediate neighbors had the victims work numbers.

The Red Cross was there and will remain at the scene until the owners arrive this evening. No doubt wondering what they will fix for dinner and who needs help with their homework.

I can’t imagine how they will feel.

We live rurally and do not have water/sewer lines. So there were tankers from as far as 25 miles away to help fight this fire. I was amazed at how the process worked. The tankers show up with water and fill these little pools that are being pumped to the fire.


The thing that really angers me is that our county has been promising our zip code a fire house for over 15 yrs. Our county council has found other priorities like ball fields, library and community center that out weigh the safety of it’s citizens. I’m outraged that “our” local firehouse which is over 6 miles away, was no less than the 4th or 5th truck to arrive. Yes, trucks from the next county were here before “our” fire house arrived. Gee, I can now see why State Farm charges us $100 more for our home owners insurance. Our fire house is too far away, and not just that, it can’t even protect us due to the fact that it barely has any volunteers.


Tanker filling the pool.

We are indebted to 10 volunteer fire departments for arriving to protect our neighborhood from this raging fire.



I HATE the smell of a house fire. Again, I can’t get it out of my nose. It’s haunting.


Please pray for our neighbors.


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