Face to Face


Ok, I give up. I just can’t stay away from here. This is such an avenue of creativity for me and a place to journal my days.

NAIS, is very important BUT I’m not going to allow it to consume me. I can’t.

In all of this I am reminded………… JESUS IS LORD OF ALL!

We were hit with another snow storm. I guess the damage was 6-8 inches, high winds and VERY frigid temps. I shoveled for 2 hours. And I’m still sore.


Honey’s beloved Uncle TG died yesterday. We are all sorrowful. He was a very wonderful vicarious man. His laughter was contagious! His love of family strong. We will miss him greatly. Now Honey’s mom (87) is the only remaining person in her family, except of course for her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and grandpa. It’s hitting Honey and me. Now it’s our parents at the top and then it’s us.

BUT, in times like this, TG is the winner! He’s walking the streets of gold. No more pain from bone cancer. No more falls. It’s all of us remaining that yearn for our heavenly home with our Papa God and to bask in His glory. Oh what a day that will be to see Jesus face to face!

Welcome Home TG!


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