The Survivors Club

Ok, I know it comes as no surprise that I watch Glenn Beck. Recently, he was exploring the possibility of the worst case scenario with our economy, politics and whatever else that can go wrong. I’m not a dooms dayer, but I am a planner. You should be prepared for different circumstances. What if you lost your job….and that doesn’t take too much imagination these days. We lost power for 10 days during Hurricane Florence. We were prepared with a generator. If we hadn’t been our entire freezer full of food would have been destroyed. Anyway, you get my point. It’s not bad to be prepared for the worst case scenario. In fact the gov’t even has a suggested prep list for your emergency exit pack. Ours is in need of some attention, however I do have some. I also found a really great post at Hen and Harvest called The Bucket List!

And don’t think a disaster somewhere else doesn’t affect you. It does. Just try buying a generator when a hurricane has hit in Florida or the Gulf Coast. It’s impossible. They ship them where they are needed.

Proverbs 21:20

In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil,
but a foolish man devours all he has.

Glenn had a guest on the other night, Ben Sherwood who wrote, The Survivors Club. I was looking at this site and took his quiz. What kind of a survivor are you?

It didn’t surprise me that I am a FIGHTER! For better or for worse. I am a little feisty! Ok a lot!

But, in being a fighter I’ve battle an incurable disease and won!!!! I just don’t give up!

So, what kind of a survivor are you? Take the quiz here.


Your Survivor Type:

You attack adversity with determination and grit. Tough, resilient, and never a quitter, you keep going when others give up.


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