I’m Expecting!

No. I’m not expecting in the way you’re thinking….that would be a sick joke on a woman my age!

If you’ve ever given birth or adopted a child, then you know what I’m feeling.

Our two Jersey heifers will be arriving very soon. We should have our barn delivered (xx) hopefully by months end. This morning, I went to my favorite store, TSC, and picked up a few more items that we’ll need. You know how you were at the end of your pregnancy, rushing to buy all the last minute things that you needed for your baby. Well, that’s how I felt today. Not that I’m rushing, just excited! Very excited. But also very nervous. I’ve never been a Mama to cows before. I’ve never been a Mama to a newborn calf either. And that’s what’s coming. You can’t have milk without having calves!

I was in TSC and I asked an elderly man to help me pick out the correct mineral block for our girls. We started chatting and I told him that I was very wet behind the ears and that I was going to be new farmer. He did a little jig and said, “yeah”. He was sooooooo excited that someone would want to be a new farmer. See, around here, farmers are a dying breed. He told me that he had beef cattle and was looking to sell them off because he was getting too old. His wife and daughter had died and he was alone. He told me to guess his age. You know when someone does that they are really trying to get you. I seriously told him I thought he was between 80-85. He chuckled some more and told me that he was 92!!!!! Oh my golly, I did a little jig and hugged him. See, you’re never too old to farm. He wished me congratulations and went his way. What a joyful part of my day! By the way, he convinced me to buy the one with molasses in it and told me they would clean it up in no time!


I drive a mini van and have taken out almost all the back seats; all but one passenger seat. It works just fine for all the hauling I do. I’ve always wanted to drive a BIG pick-up truck, but since we live debt free and have a little pick-up truck….that will have to do for now. Honey has convinced me (sorta) that his little Ranger will pull a trailer with a cow in it! Now this I have to see!!!


While at TSC (Tractor Supply Company), I bought a farm wagon to pull behind my John Deere lawn mower. It will help me get all the 50 lb bags of feed to the chickens and bales of hay and straw where ever they need to go. Besides helping me with all the hauling I do from the garden. I also bought two 40 gallon water tubs for the girls, the mineral block, two halters (pink of course!), a lead rope, cow bells (yeah, I’m going to make the girls where bells so if they escape I’ll be able to find them….I use to tie bells on my daughters shoes so I could find her too!!!), some shoulder length plastic gloves (don’t ask!), a cow measuring tape to estimate their weight and a couple magazines (farm of course). I still need a hoof trimmer (whatever it’s called), and whatever other necessities my friend Tammy tells me to get. See, it’s just like setting up your nursery for your baby.

And whether you’re ready or not they come. Hopefully with all the time I’ve had, we’ll be ready!

Then, we’ll have a Christening Party!!! Whatever that is. My 80 yr old pottery partner has convinced me that you have to have a Christening Party! So if you want to come, I’ll let you know when it is! Fun! Fun!

Oh, I’m so excited! So very excited!!! I can hardly wait!!!!!!

MY Girls!





Top Photo linked to artist on Flickr.com


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