House Keeping


Rear View!

Today, was a house keeping day for the chickies. I’ve only had them since November and their Cozy Coop is only 12 sq ft, so there’s really not a lot to keep up with. But, I’ve noticed that the area under where they roost is getting rather, stinky. It was starting to pile up and is probably not a nice place to sleep….looking into a pile of poop.

I took a bale of straw down from the shed in the kids old Red Radio Flyer Wagon that Auntie M gave them for Christmas ages and ages ago. It’s a great little wagon that helps me with all kinds of chores. I find it easier to pull than pushing a wheel barrow. Rockie and Annie the two top dogs, I mean chickens, of course had to check out the new bale.


Annie in her finest!

My new Manure Fork that I got for Christmas finally saw some action. It’s for mucking the cows when they arrive, which should be soon, but it worked rather nicely in the chicken coop.


I spread out the manure on three of my raised beds. It should have time to break down before I plant in the spring.


I noticed that my garlic is up and looking very nicely. I added a little bit more straw to keep them warm until spring.

All 100 of them!!!

Spring by the way is only 32 days from today!!!!



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