They’re UP!

I really love having something that helps me get through the long (although relatively short) winters here in Maryland!  It seems that no sooner are we shut in then our beloved seed catalogs arrive after Christmas and the dreams begin of our summer vegetable garden.  And then when the ice and snow and frigid temp’s are upon us in Jan and Feb we are able to to escape for a brief moment with starting seeds!

I get pleasure out of the simplest things in life.  It really doesn’t take much to make me do back flips for joy!  In fact this morning I was doing the joy dance when I noticed that many of the seeds I started on Wednesday were already UP!!!!  Wahoo!



For me, this is such a difficult stage in a plants life.  They are so fragile.  I have to make sure that they stay moist but not soaking wet.  I learned last year that watering from the bottom is the best way to do that.  I have to make sure they stay warm but not too hot.  It’s not like I can ask them how they feel…is the room too warm?  Did you get enough to drink today?

What’s up???  Bee’s Friend (from my friend Val P), my Small Compost Tomatoes (they grew in the compost last year and they are just a little bigger than a golf ball), Twinkly Eggplant, Holy Basil, Sweet Basil, Compost Plum Tomatoes (yeah, more from the compost!), and Echinacea angustifolia.


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