Chicken Salad

Joel Salatin coined the phrase “Salad Bar Beef”, well I have “Salad Bar Chickens”.

My chickens LOVE salad! I pick-up “compost” from my local groceries and feed my chickens salad. Yesterday we must have picked up at least 50 lbs of compost! That’s FREE food! They just LOVE little tomatoes. Sometimes there’s salad bar fixins with peas and beans. This is the highlight of their week!


Boomer was so jealous.

I pick out all the twisty ties and rubber bands that I can find. However, the chickens don’t eat them so I can pick-up whatever is left behind when they finish their salad.


Abigail Adams is doing really great!!! Her little head has healed so well!

As you can see they don’t eat Coconuts! or Oranges of Lemons!

But I leave them so that they will decompose and attract insects, which they do eat! I can’t even get this compost pile to grow, because the chickens eat this salad as fast as I can bring it home!

You will find that if you feed your chickens salad, especially in the winter, their egg yolks will be a delicious bright orange! The nutrient levels of Omega 3 go way up with “grassfed” chickens and that includes salad! Plus, there is less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories and they have more vitamin E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C.

My chickens also get an organic feed and once our cows freshen, they will eat clabber as their only source of protein. At that point our chickens will be pure profit!


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