Spring IS in the Air


The days are continuing to lengthen in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Robins have returned and songs of joy are in the air; theirs and MINE!! During the last few days of a tempting taste of Spring, I was able to take the covers off my small hoop houses and expose my greens to the warming temp’s. I still had my winter carrots in one bed and pulled them all.


Since my last frost date is May 16, I’ve finally started most if not all of my seeds indoors. Trying to find spots all day to keep them warm and in the sun is quite a challenge, but it’s do-able. The winter sun is much higher in the sky so our southern exposure is more difficult to find on our first floor.


I planted 5 varieties of Tomatoes, 2 varieties of Hot Peppers, 1 variety of Sweet Pepper, Sweet Basil and Holy Basil, Sage and a few other herbs. Hopefully in a couple weeks I will see germination. Learning from my trials last year with peppers, I decided to soaked the seeds overnight and then planted them mostly in the pearlite and then try very hard to keep them warm.


Everything is labeled well, with dates and names. If the seeds were gifts then I also write their name on the marker. I’m thinking of buying an Electra-Grow Mat in order to keep the temp’s at a steady 70*F.


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