New Digs

We’re having a real warm spell in the mid Atlantic region so I figured I’d make the most of it. Abigail Adams’ head has healed very nicely and I decided today was the day I’d get her new straw coop made. I picked up 6 bails and when I drove up to the chicken yard, all the chickies came running to welcome me.



Annie was handing out orders.


Rockie was singing and trying to figure out how he could get on the roof and look like a Cupola.


I stacked the bails 2 high. Everyone was jumping up on top and trying to figure out what I was making.


All the Chickies were in and out of there trying to figure out who’s new digs these were!


This is my Hillbilly style gate. I had to make it higher so the chickies weren’t going to scale it.

I had just enough 5′ high chicken wire left to fence off the side and fasten it next to the Cozy Coop!

Honey’s going to have to cut me a piece of plywood just the right size for the top. Which I also strung chicken wire around. These girls try to find every which way out of this place.

The entire time Boomer and Lady sat on the other side of the fence barking.

Among the chaos, Annie and Waldeen still laid eggs.



I was telling Henrietta that her little sister was coming out to join her.


When I brought Abigail Adams out of her little cage, Henrietta was right there to welcome her.


Here is Abigail’s wound after I put more Healing Salve on it. The area is almost covered with new skin.


Abigail’s checking out her new digs. She seems to like them ok.


I’ll have to cover her up tonight until we get things secured. She’ll sleep in the cage and be snug as a bug.


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