Heirloom Seeds

I found this wonderful Heirloom Seeds site. Yes, that’s their name; Heirloom Seeds. They have a really large variety of seeds and they are ALL Heirloom. You don’t have to guess like with most other seed dealers. I suppose that if it’s not stated then you can safely assume it’s Hybrid and not Heirloom.

It’s just about time to start some seeds. I’ll probably start some Tomato and Eggplant seeds this week. My seed starter soil and dome tops arrived the other day from Cook’s Garden. And some of my seeds should arrive any day from Territorial Seed Company. I’m really getting the itch to be out doors and dig my fingers into the warm soil.

About Them:

“Located in South Western Pennsylvania, we are a small, family run seed house that has been in the mail order business since 1988. When we started this business, our first priority was to offer old fashioned vegetables noted for their taste. All of the varieties we offer are open pollinated (non hybrid) and have been grown by generations of backyard gardeners. The flower varieties that we offer have that simple, old fashioned beauty of days gone by. We added herb seeds to our catalog after many requests from our customers to do so. We have a network of gardeners throughout the United States that are constantly testing the varieties we offer for sale, to ensure they do well in a backyard garden setting. Many of the seeds we offer have come from backyard gardeners, whose families have saved the seeds for generations, throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and overseas. We sell quality seeds (meet or exceed federal standards) at low prices.”


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