Spring Is In The Air!

Yesterday it was over 50*F!  We got rid of most of our ice except for the piles on the northside of the house!  Those will be there until June!!!  This morning even though it was 32*F the birds were singing a happy tune and I could smell spring!!!


I ordered most of my seeds this weekend.  I decided on Territorial Seed Company and Abundant Life Seeds.  I tried to only order heirloom seeds so that I will eventually become independent of the seed companies, except when I want to try a new variety.  It will also be fun trading with friends and family.

I only grow now what we actually like to eat.  I use to always grow broccoli, but frankly I don’t like broccoli!  So I don’t grow it anymore.  I want to plant plenty of corn and pray that the crows don’t get it this year.  We didn’t have near enough in the freezer.  It really was one of our favorites this winter; butterbeans and corn!  I didn’t have near enough butterbeans either.  In fact I planned on having them for Christmas only to be disappointed to find them gone!

Hopefully I’ll add a few more square feet to my garden for vines.  I ordered Cinderella Pumpkins and Turnips to give to my milk cows.  And of course the chickens always get all the compost they can eat.  Boy I can’t wait to dig my fingers into the dirt!

The days are worth counting now…..45!  The first day of spring, March 20 and my 27th wedding anniversary!


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