Hen Pecked

It wasn’t until I became a “farmer” that I learned where all the sayings that we have in our society come from. Things like: “Birds of a feather flock together”, “Hen pecked”, “She’s just like a Mother hen”. I’ve seen all of these in living color.

I told you about my little Abigail Adams who is a runt that my sis gave me. She also seems to have been attacked at some point in her young life and has a twisted back. Well, I didn’t know that you shouldn’t try to introduce a runt with a deformity, into an established flock. My girls didn’t take to kindly to little Abigail. In fact yesterday morning I found her bloody and cowering in the corner of the coop. Her flesh had been pecked off the back of her neck, larger than the size of a quarter. It seems as if she’d been hen pecked pretty badly. Her entire neck was pecked open to the bone. While crying, I took little Abigail to the house in a little cage.


I put Abigail in the basement with straw in the cage, then I researched how to naturally heal a deep open wound and found that raw honey would not only heal it but pull any debris out. So I put raw honey on a gauze pad and wrapped gauze around her neck and taped it. I changed it at dinner time and her wound had stopped bleeding. That was good. She slept a lot. I gave her some kefir to drink and grain to eat.

This morning, she was alert and had drank a good amount of kefir. I changed her bandage and the wound actually looked good. It was already starting to close around the edges. She was very sleepy. And it was obvious that she had been through a great deal of stress.

This evening I went to change her bandage and noticed that she drank a lot of kefir throughout the day. I gave her some raw milk and she began drinking like she’d been starved. That’s always a good sign! Her wound looks very good so I left it uncovered for a while to allow it to air. The bandage doesn’t have a foul smell (no pun), and that too is a good sign.

I think Abigail Adams is going to make it. We’ll have to keep her separated from the other hens and give her extra TLC! It’s amazing how hens imitate human life. We can be very cruel to one another, especially those who are deformed and are afraid.  My hens tried to kill Abigail because she was different……let’s not imitate hens!

All the creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all.


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