Rockie Sings!!!

Yesterday it snowed and we got around 2 inches. THEN the freezing rain started on top of the snow. Which makes for a very interesting adventure. Our yard was transformed into a skating rink overnight.


I was wishing for a saucer sled to go down the hill this morning on my way to let the chickens out. I walked side ways and crushed my boots into the frozen tundra very carefully. That’s all I needed was a 50 yr old woman and a 10 yr old dog falling down with no one to help them get up. Lady, our little Cocker mix just slid down. Boomer, our Lab attempted it very carefully. He’d start sliding and then try to stop. His feet were going every which way. But he only went down twice, very gently. And I managed to stay vertical the entire time!!!



I was glad to be wearing my steel toed cowgirl boots. They did a good job at crushing the ice so I could open the gate to the chicken yard. Too bad it opened in.

dscn2406The long journey down. The kids used to love sledding down our little hill.

Now the fun. I let the chickens out and they slid every which way. I broke open the compost pile with all the greens and tossed them a few.



dscn2420Little Abigail Adams. You can see that the feathers that flew look like Annies.

THEN to my utmost surprise Rockie found his voice…..he crowed for the first time!!!!!!!!!! It was a glorious sound. He was so proud of himself that he kept doing it. I hope Honey doesn’t hear him, or else it’s the chopping block.


Rockie The Rooster in the back. Annie in the front.

Now for the long ascent up the hill. Lady slid backwards. Boomer and I held on to each other and pressed on.






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