Maryland Department Of Aging

Turning 50 has some perks. We have a brand new Community Center /Senior Center/ Rec Center in our community. It’s less than 2 miles from my house. One of the really nice benefits is an indoor track. And since we’re being blasted with an Arctic Freeze this week, I decided to launch my new exercise program at the Center.

Since my left foot is feeling a tad better and my health is nearly 100%, I decided to tweak my running shoes and give it a try once again. My plan was to go to the Center and build up my time walking until I can walk 3 miles again. I figured Mon, Wed and Friday would work great.

So this AM, I did it. I got up to the Center and took off my heavy winter coat and began walking slowly to warm-up. After two or three times around which isn’t very far, I just couldn’t stop myself. I broke out in a run. I decided to take it easy since this old body hasn’t walked let alone run in a very long time. I ran half way around and walked half way. I did this for a half hour. Then warmed down with just walking slower. There is a digital clock at each turn so I timed myself to approximately 1 minute per lap. That would be around 30 laps. The little sign on the bulletin board said; “Inner lane (for runners) 13 2/5 laps = 1 mile. I figured that I probably did 2 miles. Not bad for this old gal with hurt feet.

I was afraid this old gal was going to do laps around me….but the cigar got her!

When I finished, I decided to poke around a bit. I’ve only stepped foot in the place 2-3 times in the last few yrs since it’s existence. But now that I’m 50. I qualify for the 50+ programs! Wahoo!

I have to register with the MDOA to qualify, so I will. Besides that the ladies at the front desk were a bit uncertain that I was indeed 50. I had to really convince them that I was and that I was interested in the 50+ programs. They gave me the info and I left.

I think I’ll skip the nose rings….I keep telling Becca, as you age these things just aren’t lovely!

Besides that….how on earth does she eat?!

Upon further inspection of those papers…! What a deal. Turn 50 and you can use the fitness room for FREE at certain hours of the day! And other programs other than basket weaving and chair exercises are at a nice rate. So, on Wednesday I’m going to show up for the Pilates class. I really need it. My body has become stiff in the last 4 yrs since not being able to do very much physically. I’ll be glad to limber up a bit. I’m not expecting any back bends, and I can still touch my toes. But I’d just like to be more flexible since that is what helps us in our “old” age to avoid injuries.

So now my plans have changed. Here’s my new plan now that I am registered with the Maryland Department of Aging. What a slap in the face! That and getting mail from the AARP!

Monday-walk/run 1/2 hr, resistance training 1/2 hr. Tuesday-Pottery. Wednesday-Pilates. Thursday- Rest. Friday-walk/run 1/2 hr, resistance training 1/2 hr.

I think that’s a good plan. And now that I’ve put it out there….well, I’ll be more inspired to keep it. Wish me well!

Photo Credit linked to  You really should check out some of the great images that these photographers have captured.   I thank them for making them available.

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