Barnyard Adventrues

Birds of A Feather Stick Together


Beatrice was the brown hen

Thursday morning I spotted the fox laying in the field sunning himself….well, that’s what Honey said. I said he was spying out the girls. Honey chose to let the girls out to free range with Lady tied close by. They sure have been enjoying free ranging and have found their way all the way to the front yard. They’ve made quick work of my compost piles and spend most of their time there, which is nice because I can watch them from the kitchen.

It was going on dusk and they were still in the compost pile. I was mumbling to myself that they better get on to the coop.

Just then they started off in a group toward the coop. THEN something……came dashing across the yard so fast and I screamed like a girl for Lady to go. Well, Lady is a bit freakish herself and she did run the opposite direction into the house. I picked up the pellet gun. Remember all of this happened in a matter of seconds. I then saw one of my hens fly and scream. She made the first get away. But he was right on her heels. I by this time had ditched the pellet gun especially since I’d forgotten to take the safety off and it wouldn’t fire and I used a few expletives for it….I ran out screaming like a mad woman in my stocking feet without a coat on in 30* weather. It was too late. Mr Fox was hungry and he’d gotten my Beatrice.

I cried a little and then had to try and get the others into the coop. They were scared to death and rightly so and hiding under the pine trees. I got a coat and shoes on and went out quietly gathering them with my arms spread wide. They began to walk the longest mile……200 ft to the coop. They went right in and I secured the door.

Honey felt just awful. Me too. Beatrice was giving me an egg a day. I’d paid $20 for her since she was a heritage bird. Now I’d only be getting 2 eggs every other day…..or so I thought.

I won’t be letting them free range until we’ve caught Mr Fox. They really are very unhappy in the chicken yard. They loved all the bugs that they were finding under the pine needles and leaves in the yard. I’ve started a new compost pile in the chicken yard. They seemed to be pretty happy with that today. Lots of lettuce, veggie peels and rotten fruit. Jenny loves it when I bring bread. She will even eat from my hand, but no one else for now.

I can watch the chickens in the chicken yard from the kitchen. Wacky Waldo keeps going into the coop and staying for long periods of time. He’s not been in the nesting box, because I can see that from the kitchen too.


A light finally went on in my head!!!!! WHAT IF WACKY WALDO REALLY IS WACKY WALDEEN??????????? And is hiding behind the nesting box.

So this morning (Sat) I decided to pull out the nesting box (which is really an apple crate) and see if SOMEBODY has been laying eggs back there.


There were 7 eggs hiding back there!!! So, even though I mourn the lose of Beatrice I rejoice in knowing that Waldo is really Waldeen! AND I know FOR SURE that Roxie is Rocky….he has a favorite hen!

Since all of my birds are a different breed they each lay a different colored egg. Annie lays a dark brown egg, Jenny Hen a light brown egg, Beatrice use to lay a very light brown egg, and Wacky Waldeen seems to be laying a very light brown egg as well. (The first eggs have blood smears on them. Beatrice layed her first on Christmas Eve. It appears that Wacky Waldeen started laying a couple days ago.)

So far, these birds have costs me $70!!!! Not to mention the fence and the food. Man they better start putting out!

I laugh at myself as I dream of hatching out chicks. All I need now is a Silkie to sit on a clutch of eggs.

“Why pay 69 cents for something you can do yourself!?!” My favorite line from “Our Homestead Story” by Mr & Mrs Stephen Castleberry. A hilarious book that will make you pee your pants!

We’ve only just begun!!!

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