She’s Off!

Photo from Becca’s Facebook….at the John Lennon Wall in Prague.

Becca and her team left early in the wee hours of the morning heading for Ethiopia. She is ready for this life time experience. She’ll be changed forever.

How can one not be changed when they face extreme poverty face to face?

How can one not be changed when they see children living on the streets fearing for their very lives?

How can one not be changed when they see starving children begging for a morsel of food?

How can one not be changed when they see others dying of aids and malaria?

Becca’s time in Germany was one of growth and fun. Yeah, I think (no, I know) she had a ton of fun bonding with new friends and visiting cities that she loved, like Prague. Her faith has been challenged and she has been called to put it into action.


This is what she’s been prepared for: 2 1/2 months in Ethiopia, using her gifts in Photography to capture the images that we all try to forget. Images of the starving, the homeless, the naked and the sick. Our world is shaped by what we are surrounded with, by what we see. Becca’s world will be reshaped. Mine was from my time in India.

I’m really proud of my kids and their hearts to serve others. More than that I know that God, Abba, Daddy, Father, Papa is pleased.

I’ll be letting you know how you can be a part of this photographic project. A project that will not only bring awareness to extreme poverty in Africa but also a project that will bring aid to them from the proceeds of the book.


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