The Long Winter


It’s January and in the Mid Atlantic States we are just getting geared up for a long winter. When I was homeschooling the kids the winter months were always the hardest to get through. February seemed to drag on forever.

Since my health was taking huge leaps and bounds last winter after starting Dr Zhang’s protocol for Lyme Disease, I was optimistic about gardening again. I began planning a bigger garden and actually had great success at starting my seed indoors. That was a first!

It’s funny that the two things you can look forward to after Christmas are Tax Forms and Seed Catalogs. One I hate and the other I love.

I’ve been pouring through my collection of catalogs and if for nothing else it lifts my spirits during the long winter months. Just the thought of digging in the soil and nurturing plants from seed gives me joy. The memory kicks in and I long for those Indian Eggplant that I got from Cook’s Garden. And once I can get my hands in the dirt again my garlic from Johnny’s will be ready.


One little problem. I decided to also begin using mostly if not all heirloom seeds last year…..and the reason for doing that is because you can save your seeds. My freezer has a special box that I placed all my seeds in. I labeled all the bags and thought of all the money I’d save.

So, now I sit and dream of spring. Enjoying all the colorful pages of the seed catalogs. My favorite so far for new varieties would be Seeds Of Change.


Hopefully I’ll expand my garden yet again and have plenty of room for vines. My plan last year didn’t work well enough for me. I used the old split rail fence for my climbers. The trouble is they just love going every where. So, hopefully I can get Honey to build me 3-4 more long boxes and I can spread out a bit more.


I’d love to be able to grow some crops for my cows. Maybe some turnips or parsnips. I read that Mangels are a real treat and they give some really nice milk. Funny, I haven’t found any Mangel seeds. I’ll have to keep looking.

Well, if you’ve got the winter blues, pull out your seed catalogs or go online and click “send catalog”! It will be a sure cure!


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