Boomer’s Progress


Boomer has made remarkable improvements. Honey and I cannot believe that this is the same dog that the Vet wanted to put down on Monday. He’s eating as if he was starving and in fact he was. After not eating for 3 days his appetite is back to normal. Normal for Boomer is…..”he’s a pig in dog’s clothing!”

For instance, Honey let the dogs out at 4 AM and couldn’t find Boomer when he called him to come back in. He went out to look for him and he was rummaging through the fresh compost! That’s my Boomer. And then this morning when I was cutting an apple for myself, Boomer was up and begging for the core! That’s my old boy!

I’ve made a list of the supp’s and foods I want him to have each day. Foods and supp’s that are reported to kill cancer and support the body. Three times a day he’s getting a Canine Supp Mix, 2 Green Drink Mixes, Homeopathic Detox drops, Samento, Pumpkin Puree, Bone Broth, Tripe, Kefir, Kefir Cheese, Raw Milk, Raw Colostrum, Cod Liver Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Vit C, Liver Caps, Milk Thistle, Artemisiae, Beet Kvass and Raw Beef mixture with organ meats. He’s eating a very similar diet to what I’ve used to heal from Lyme Disease. I also ordered a supp called U-Fucoidan which is a brown seed weed that is reported to cause cancer cells to self-destruct. It’s so funny this diet sounds very much like Jerry Brunetti’s Cancer, Nutrition and Healing diet, which I highly recommend. (You really must look at these two separate link. It’s incredible information that just might save your life.)

Honey is an analytical charts kind of a guy. That’s what makes him so good at what he does! Me, I’m the creative, relational kind, as if you couldn’t guess. Anyway, Honey has put together a chart of the Rife frequencies he’s using on Boomer for cancer. So come Monday when Honey goes back to work I will be able to keep the flow going. We’re using the frequencies for sarcoma and for general cancer. Also lipoma falls into that category and quite remarkably Boomers fatty tumors (lipoma) have already disappeared in 6 days!!!! That’s incredible. (Honey even has a fatty tumor-Lipoma on his back and it’s breaking up–he says he can feel it) Honey must have hit some Lyme frequencies yesterday because I thought my head was going to explode! The Rife Machine is an incredible piece of technology. If you’ve never looked at it you ought to. It just might be your answer to cancer if it ever strikes your family. One concern in using it for animals and humans is make sure you drink plenty of water. You might have to put some broth in the dogs water to get him to drink enough. All I have to do for Boomer is get him fresh water. He loves fresh water!

In this struggle this week I’ve learned how much Abba, Father, Papa, God loves all of His creation. He used this beautiful creator to teach me so much about myself and about Himself. Stuff that’s too deep to share. Stuff that will take me a while to digest. But much needed stuff to deal with. And so, Papa God has given me an extended time with my dog. This dog exudes love. He is one of the most sensitive creatures I’ve ever known. He speaks human and we have detailed conversations about everything. He’s such a good friend and I’m grateful to Papa God for giving me more time.

Thank you Papa!


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