Happy New Year!

Honey and I always go to bed early. But it never fails, our neighbors don’t and they love to set off fireworks.

We usually roll over and wish each other a Happy New Year and go right back to sleep.

We hope and pray that this year will be one filled with Peace and Love for you.

New Years’ are great. They always give us a chance to start over. I worship a God of new beginnings.

I don’t make New Years resolutions, but I do plan to try to reach a few more milestones this New Year.

I hope to be able to keep improving my health and with that accomplish things that have been a part of my past for too long.

Things like walking and running. Those are probably the only two things that I haven’t been able to get back.

But as you’ve learned about me…..I don’t give up easily so who knows, maybe I’ll run a marathon next fall! I’ll let ya know.

Update on Boomer

Monday was an extremely emotional day for both Honey and me. Boomer was really going quickly. The doc asked if I wanted him euthanaised and I said no. She gave him a shot of cortisone and an antibiotic. She said that the cortisone sometimes gives them a little longer. And Honey started using the Rife Machine on Boomer for cancer.

Tuesday brought only the slightest difference. It was something in his eyes. He vomited several times and we were thinking it was probably a detox response to the Rife Machine. But he kept drinking water and wanted to be with Honey outside even though he wouldn’t eat. I still didn’t think he would live for many more days and I showed Honey where to dig the hole to bury Boomer. He said, he wasn’t ready to dig any hole. Honey is my rock. He’s solid. He’s dependable.

I got a much needed break in the afternoon when I went to the doctors. It really made a difference in my emotional state. But Honey was drained after caring for Boomer all day.

THEN Wednesday morning came…..

Lazarus rose from the dead!!!! I came down this morning to find out that Boomer had taken some raw milk. Wahoo! Tears of Joy! He was so improved today. I went to the Health Food Doggie Store and got some supplements and some Tripe. They said that a lot of dogs that have stopped eating love Tripe.

All of his old nature was back. He came in and waited impatiently as I prepared some Raw Colostrum, green supp, and some Tripe. He was so happy. I was too.

I really knew he was doing better when he barked at the electric meter reader!!! And he actually looked like he was thrilled to do it.

We’re hoping to make head way with the Rife Machine. Dr Rife invented it to cure cancer and it does. Plus we’ll keep giving him the Cortisone and ABX. Boomer is still a very sick puppy with blood in his stool and cancer probably all over his body. So, Honey is programming the Rife to target several types of cancer. We know that Boomer can’t live forever, but we’d like to have him around a bit longer if possible.

At least “The Boy” will be able to hug his dog when he gets home from New Orleans.

I’ve learned a lot about myself this week. Mostly I’ve learned that I am an emotional woman who feels deeply. It made me think about a lot of things; suffering, separation, loneliness, pain, sorrow, sadness and Christ. Yeah, Christ. I cried so much about the ultimate suffering that He did for me. That He knew in every way, the pain I was going through. And the pain that you are going through.

It made me think about some that I know who have had to face the death of their loved ones this year. It made me more sensitive to them and their deep sorrow.

As my dear friend said to me, “Peace be with you” this New Year.

Photo Credit: Flickr.com

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