The Day After

Honey and I didn’t think yesterday, Christmas Day, would ever end. It started out with a jolt and we felt the emotional pains of it all day long. If I think about the images I saw at 3:30 AM Christmas Day, of the old farm house burning in the middle of the night, I still break out in tears. And when I look at some of the pictures I took on Christmas morning after sunrise, I still cry.  It’s funny how our memory works, I couldn’t get the smoke smell out of my my nose all day.   It wasn’t like a campfire smell, it was something that I can’t describe.  Burning debris.  I coughed for an hour.  And took a shower as soon as I could.   Trying to wash it away.  Lawns are rutted from trucks and cars parked in front yards.  Living in a rural neighborhood, our streets are narrow and they had to have a path open.   I’m so thankful that our water source worked and that the temp’s weren’t so frigid that the pond would have been frozen.   There are really so many things to be thankful for.  So much to be sober about today.


The fire mainly destroyed the top floors and left water damage to the first floor.

Mr Pete was taken to Johns Hopkins Burn Center for 2nd degree burns on his hands and feet. He woke to his bed on fire from an electrical shortage in an electric blanket. Knowing Mr Pete, the blanket probably dated back to the 1950’s! He tried putting the fire out and thus burned himself. His fire extinguisher did not work nor did his phone. He ran out to the garage (yeah, troubled thinking for a 86 yr old man who’s house is on fire) to find another fire extinguisher. When he returned the room was ablaze. He ran next door and yelled fire as he banged on the front door at 3 AM.


Mr Pete’s bedroom where my first images are ingrained of flames soaring out.

Honey went through the house with Mr Pete’s son in law. Honey won’t ever forget the site of Mr Pete’s bedroom. We’re all so grateful and full of praise that Mr Pete and Sam his beloved Lab made it out alive. Mr Pete will be in the hospital for a couple days for observation. He’s a feisty old guy and I’m sure he’s swearing up a blue streak and doesn’t understand the fuss.


Years ago when Mr Pete was a much younger man (70’s) he was riding his motorcycle (which he still does) and he wrecked. Our neighbor found him and had to bribe him that he’s take care of the bike if Mr Pete went to the hospital. Mr Pete was pretty torn up and even then didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. He’s a dear guy. He’d do anything for you.

And so life goes on. The sunset was beautiful last night looking over to the old farm house. The sky was literally ablaze with color, reminiscent of the earlier fires that were blazing from the old farm house.


Our Volunteer Firemen sustained 4 injuries which were minor in nature. None the less, we are grateful for these heroes that are paid nothing to defend us against something so fierce as fire. Thank you to The Lisbon Volunteer Fire Dept, The Sykesville Volunteer Fire Dept, The Latonsville Volunteer Fire Dept, The Clarksville Volunteer Fire Detp, and the West Friendship Volunteer Fire Dept. We are indebted to you.


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