Sadness Strikes


I woke this Christmas morning around 3:30 AM to fire sirens. After living in our home for 22 yrs I know when the trucks come from our local Volunteer Fire Department which way they are going and if they’ve turned on our street or continued down the road. The sirens stopped short and I could feel the vibrations from something. I always say a quick prayer for who ever the sirens are rescuing, but this time it was too close to home, quite literally. I looked out the front door to see our street filled with flashing lights and trucks of every kind. My elderly neighbors house was on fire.

I grabbed my coat and yelled to Honey that Mr Pete’s house was on fire. I then raced outside to find him. I alerted the fire personnel that an 86 yr old man and his dog were in that house. And that his wife had died just this last yr.

I was so sad. I was scarred too. I just couldn’t believe it. The old farm house which was a beauty in it’s day was burning. And there was enough fuel in that baby to burn to the ground.

It was a 5 alarm fire from every surrounding zip code. The tanker pumped water from our neighborhood pond and stood waiting if needed. It’s been 3 hrs now, and they are still working to make sure every last ember is out. But it’s gone.

The good news is Mr Pete is fine. I was able to hug him before he got into the rescue wagon and headed off to the hospital. The fire started at the foot of his bed and a firemen told me that it was probably an electric blanket. Mr Pete woke up and tried to put the fire out but it got away from him rather quickly. He ran to the neighbors house and banged on their door yelling fire. He had Samantha, his faithful black Lab with him. But when the firemen arrived he was standing on the front porch watching his house burn. They took him away so he couldn’t see the destruction. And as a precaution they took him to our local hospital for possible smoke inhalation.

It’s a sad morning here at Peaceful Acres. We’re so sad for Mr Pete. This is his second big loss in less than a year. Mr Pete is surrounded by faithful believers and followers of Jesus. He doesn’t think he needs a Saviour, but possibly this will open another door for us to lead Mr Pete to the King of Kings who we worship this Christmas Morn.

I’m often reminded of a scripture that says,”God is in the heavens and He does as He pleases.” He will do anything to get our attention so that we will look to Him. He did the ultimate. He sent His Son, Jesus to die so that we could live.

May we remember that this day is not about things. Things perish as I saw so vividly this morning. It’s about people. People are for eternity.


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