What Change? Part II

I’m sorry to interrupt my Christmas blogging to bring you this important news. Did Obama say “change”? Wasn’t that what he ran on? “Change we can believe in.” I think that’s what he said. Ya, see I wasn’t listening very closely to him during the general election, because I knew he wasn’t telling the truth then, so why should I be surprised that he’s not telling the truth now. And if you don’t believe me then why are all the liberals who voted for him, wondering, “what change?”.

He just appointed Former Iowa Governor Vilsack as his Ag Secretary. You might be saying to yourself right now, “SO?”. I’ll tell you “so”. Governor Vilsack is a kissin cousin to Monsanto. You can read more about it here if you care to.

The only change you can count on is more genetically modified food, more government control telling us what we can and can’t eat. Since when did we need some bureaucratic official telling us what we could eat? For my family raw dairy is vital to our healing.

You can count on more government intrusion into our lives. For those of us who want more sustainable agriculture and food freedom this appointment is less than something to cheer about.

We will see more propaganda and more regulators who beat down the doors of co-ops, custom livestock processing facilities, and raw dairies. An Ohio chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation has the right idea—it just issued “an alert” (via an email sent to the media) warning Ohio food producers of possible harassment. “With the Family Farm SWAT Team Raids occurring and more to come, it is time to get serious and get organized and prepared in every way.” (1)

You can read more about the SWAT raids on law abiding citizens here. I had an elderly German woman tell me yesterday that America is looking more and more like Nazi Germany.

Let’s pray she’s wrong.

“People get ready Jesus is comin, soon we’ll be goin home!”

(1) The Complete Patient


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