What Change?

I’ve been reading a blog called The Complete Patient, which discusses many of the food issues that concern me. There’s a petition floating around for Barack Obama to appoint Michael Pollan as Secretary of Food (that’s what all these food activist want to see the Secretary of Ag renamed). The only reason I might sign such a petition is because I agree with what Michael Pollan is quoted as saying in this great Op-Ed piece.

“Even if you don’t think agriculture is a high priority, given all the other problems we face, we’re not going to make progress on the issues Obama campaigned on — health care, climate change and energy independence — unless we reform agriculture.”

I tend to agree with The Complete Patient, I think that we may be terribly surprised at the “Change We Can Believe In”. Or maybe Barack Obama will surprise us as he’s been doing so far with his cabinet appointments and name Michael Pollan as Secretary of Food & Agriculture.

Photo Credit linked to original artist on flickr.


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