New Girls

After cow shopping on Saturday, I stopped by Sycamore Spring Farm to buy some eggs and to acquire a few more chickens. My farmer friend always loves to give me tours of the happenings on the farm and I personally love to chat with all the animals. (This must be a family trait that I learned from my maternal grandmother. She was always talking sweet to the birds or the kitty cats or the farm animals. At the time I never thought anything of it….now here I am almost 40 yrs later following in her footsteps. Call me crazy!) We of course visited the chicken coop. The girls hadn’t been let out yet so it was a good chance to catch a few.

The farmer pointed out some tell tale traits of a rooster……well then, now I know why two of my chickens aren’t laying eggs!!!! Of course they haven’t started to crow yet, and as soon as they do Honey is going to want them in the soup pot. I don’t know why, Honey never needs an alarm to rise bright and bushy tailed! He’s up way before the sun ever thinks of shining!!! Besides I’d rather wake to a rooster for milking Gerdy than to an alarm clock…but I think it’s the neighbors he’s thinking of.

But those two chickens are going back and I’ll trade off for another two laying hens. My farmer friend raises her chickens from scratch….well, that’s not the right word…from eggs. She’s got some beautiful Silkies that LOVE to sit on eggs! She’s got chicks hatching out all year long. There’s always a new brood somewhere. But at this time of the year it’s hard to find enough eggs to make an even dozen!


Meet Annie! She’s a Coo Coo Moran (not sure about the spelling). See the feathers on her feet. That’s a rare chicken indeed. I have a picture of Annie when she was a chick. I remember because the farmer commented on how rare it was to actually get one with feathers on her feet. She was so cute as a baby chick living in Farmers dresser drawer.


One of these is Annie as a babe.  It must be the one in the middle because it doesn’t look like the one on the right has feathers on her feet.  So cute!


The one to the left of Annie is Beatrice! She’s a beautiful Indian Cornish/Coo Coo Moran Cross.

That’s the supposed rooster in the white. He’s always stirring things up in the coop. Everyone can be very calm and minding their own business when Waldeen comes along and starts getting “his” hackles up. That’s what gave “him” away!

Two things I learned while at Sycamore Spring Farm. One, you can tell the father by the color of their feet. Two, you can pick out a rooster by the way the tail feathers split into two. (that’s what made me suspect Roxie was really Rockie!)


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