A Servants Heart

Our strong and abled son, Ben is 20. Honey and I have been so blessed with two wonderful kids who love God and love people. I often ask myself where it came from, but whether they are old enough to admit it yet, I know where it came from. And I’m humbled because I truly am unworthy of what God has done in each of my children and through two undeserving souls. Our daughter, Becca is in Germany training to use her gift of photography to capture extreme poverty in Africa. She has been blessing me with so many words of thanks. Thanks for living each day as if our children were a gift that we were to cherish and hold with open hands. Thanks for loving them and then letting them goooooooo.

As any parent knows the letting go is so terribly hard. And for those that I know who have had to let go forever on this earth, it is ever more so painful. As arrows in the hands of a warrior, so our children are in our hands…to be released. And when we have a personal and wonderful faith in our God, Jehovah then we can rest in peace with confidence that He has greater plans for our children than we do.

Ben is in and out a lot these days. As a friend so affectionately called him “a rolling stone”! Yes, that’s my Ben. A rolling stone. Where ever his head lands there’s where he’ll sleep. He’s been this way his entire life. Very easy to please. He told Honey and me yesterday that he was going to New Orleans again this Christmas break to work. It’s a completely gratifying job to work for free to help another and to lay your head on a hard floor for a good nights sleep. This year his health is much improved and his strength has returned. He’s turned into a man in the last year, somehow right before my very eyes. Broad shoulders to carry heavy loads. A heart that is tender to carry others. And a warriors heart to conquer injustice.

As our dear friend Larry Burkett said, “hold on to everything with open hands”.

Photos from Ben’s Facebook of last years team that went to NO

Ben on far left


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