That’s My Girl!

Becca finally posted some new pics on facebook and I know some of you would like to see her. Her team in Germany had a Thanksgiving party. Much out of character (but “you go girl”), Becca baked from scratch Monkey Bread! I guess all those homeschool days of learning to make bread paid off. She says it was a hit!

I think she’s COLD!!! I never understand girls wearing sleeveless dresses in the dead of winter!!!!

She cut her hair after she arrived and this is the first I’ve seen of it! I think, just like mother, just like daughter! Not a bad job at all!

Here are more pics of her team and her closest mates.

This is what I call a TREE HUGGER!!!!

That’s good for now. I’m sure that Auntie M is glad to see you Becca!!!!

Photo Credit: Becca’s Facebook


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