Turkey Drive


I went to Jehovah Jirah (God will provide) Farm today to pick up my pastured Thanksgiving turkey. It took nearly an hour each way, but the weather was cool and crisp and I enjoyed the back road trip. I ended up on the backside of Sugar Loaf Mtn. There is one ridge near our home where we can see Sugar Loaf on a clear day, but it has to be really clear. I always love driving back country roads and hate it when a local comes rushing down my neck trying to get me to go faster! I don’t know if it’s just here in the DC metro area, but people seem to always be in such a rush. In fact, driving into the farm another customer was nearly pushing me as I was enjoying the sheep and Jersey cows. Hey, relax. Life goes by too fast as it is and it’s just not worth it. (no it wasn’t because I was taking pictures!!!)


Sugar Loaf Mountain

We use to hike this when the kids were young. The view of the farm land is beautiful from the top!


I’ve kinda put the cart before the horse. Tonight, two days before Thanksgiving, we’re having Turkey Soup! I was trying to make room in the freezer and realized I had a lot of Turkey Bones that I’d gotten for our allergic dog to eat last year. After buying them, he developed yet another food allergy. But without thinking, duh, I started a pot of soup! I usually freeze it in Qt containers and then we have soup whenever we want it or need it.

On Monday, this particular pooch, Boomer, our Yellow Lab took very ill. I think I’m going to affectionately name in Lazarus. He has come back to us so many times. Boy did I cry a lot on Monday. I really thought I was going to lose him. He was vomiting, trembling and crying. The vet said she thought he’d pull through and sure enough he has. He’s 10 yrs old and being at the end of the gene pool, he has allergies to almost every food on the planet. So now I’m hand preparing him what would make me well. I’ve been giving him lots of raw milk. And since it was a GI upset, he’s getting this wonderful Turkey soup. I’m hoping that a yr off the turkey he can now tolerate it. XXXX

I put it all in the blender with raw milk and so far so good. He’s finally stopped vomiting and is looking a lot better.


This is before we got into see the vet.

Just like a little kid, he was only content laying right next to me.


24 hrs later, he’s bright eyed and bushy tailed again. He licks his paws when he’s having allergy issues and sometimes he just licks for licking sake???? He’s on an ABX which I don’t like, but they are necessary in some situations….I’m getting the hang of putting my arm down his throat…I guess good practice for a cow!

I’m so thankful he’s still with us. With both of my kids leaving home this year it has been particularly hard on me. I’d hate to lose my best K9 friend too.


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