Life Is Change

This will be our first Thanksgiving without our 24 yr old daughter, Becca. Many of you know that she has chosen the life of a modern day missionary. Although she is living more than half a world away I know that I will see her again. She’ll be home next summer to clean out her room and give away her earthly belongings to follow God to serve the most impoverished people in the world.  Corrie Ten Boom said, “Lord help me to hold on to nothing too tight that it will hurt when you pry my fingers from it.”

My heart cries and tears still flow when I realize that Becca has chosen the road least traveled and this is just the first of many holidays we will celebrate without her. It’s purely the loss of my dearest best friend and her ability to see right through me. I miss her kind words and her sincere love. I miss her candidness and honesty. I miss her tenderness when I am sick. I just miss her.

Our table will have an empty chair that no one can fill. I’ll miss her cheer in setting a beautiful table. I’ll miss her asking for Broccoli Casserole. I’ll miss so many things this year.

I don’t know that my loss will get easier. I just know and rejoice that she is walking in God’s perfect will.

As I have a sorrow that doesn’t compare to that of others, it is non-the-less a large emptiness in my heart this year.  However, many of my joys help to balance my life and I have so much to be thankful for.

Please take a moment and pray for those who won’t see their loved ones ever again on this earth. For those who are forcing themselves to find something to be thankful for this year.

Photo Credit: Linked to original artist on Flickr


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