Praise From A Grateful Heart!

My doc just called!!!! I did it…we did it…me, Jesus and my doc that is. I no longer have hemolytic anemia!!!!!! I raised my RBC to normal with food and supp’s in 7 wks! My doc was so elated. Just to remind you, I was nearly ready for a transfusion as I celebrated my 50th thinking that I was dying. Desperately seeking to STOP whatever was killing off my red blood cells at a rapid rate. He said that there is NO doctor that would believe these blood results. He’s so proud of me for working so hard. I went from 24 to 26 to 32 to 37. Whahoo! I’m now within the normal range of Red Blood Cells. I’m continuing to attack the Babesia and it is working. After only 1 month of Artemisiae from Hepapro I feel 100% again! I’m telling you that with all the infections I carry, Babesia is the very worst!

Not only that, but finding the mice in the garden also confirmed WHY I’ve been picking up “deer ticks” in the garden. They really should be called “mice ticks”! The other day I was in the garden and kicked the old mouse nest. Out ran one little guy and I heard a very loud voice say, “Do it Diane, Do it!”. So I did! I stomped on him. Not once not twice but three times. He was dead. Then today Lady and I went to the garden and I lifted the plastic to cut lettuce (which by the way froze!) and out ran two of the other mice…..I sicked Lady on them and she got them in a snap! She was one proud dog. BUT she’s back to chicken guarding again…that dog is dead set on killing those chickens!

I have so very much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Photo Credit Flickr


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