Winter Gardening


Honey built these wonderful garden tunnels/greenhouses for me before we went to NC on vacation in Oct. I was anxious to see if the seed that I’d sown was up when we arrived home. Sure enough it was. Of course all the plants including the lettuce are cold hardy. The lettuce is more beautiful than what I grow in the spring. I found a few of the harlequin bugs and smashed them on the spot. Then I sprayed well with Neem.


I’m really glad that my Rosemary will not be killed by the freezing temps and my German Chamomile looks gorgeous!

In this bed we have Purple Mustard Greens, Winter Kale, Rosemary, Chamomile, Lettuce and Carrots.

It seems as if the moisture from the ground is coming up in the boxes and it’s nice and humid inside. I still need to rig up some black painted containers of water to retain the daytime heat for the cold winter months to come.


In the other bed we have beets and spinach.

We had some Kansas winds blow through Maryland yesterday and as Dorothy & Toto were flying by the window, I looked out to see one plastic sheet come off. It mostly stayed in tact,and was only pulled half way off. After the front pushed though, Honey rigged it better with some cinder blocks and hopefully it will hold up this winter. I’ll have to be sure to brush the snow off when I go out to milk Butter Cupp and pick-up eggs! I’m really not a lover of the cold months but it looks like I’m gonna have to get used to it.

It’s looking more and more like we will soon be on the 100 Yard Diet. More than 80% of our food will come from our backyard! Our footprints will be from the house to the barnyard and the garden! It’s a good feeling to know that we can raise our own food and to know what went into producing it.

I’m so grateful to the Lord that He provides for all of our needs.

Isaiah 55:2

“Listen, listen, eat what is good and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.”

I recommend “Four-Season Harvest” by Eliot Coleman

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